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Friday, August 13, 2010

Good stuff at Raleigh's Crabtree Mall. YUM!

If you find yourself at Raleigh's Crabtree Valley Mall, tired, hungry, and simply unable to force down another burger or "nugget, "  ....... good news!  There is a new place to eat at the food court that is wonderful.  It is GOOD STUFF!  Dixie Belle's Smokehouse is located across from McDonald's and beside the candy shop.  There is a bright red and white awning so you can't miss it.  They serve awesome ribs, rotisserie chicken and all the fixin's.  Todd gives two thumbs up on the brunswick stew (very high praise!).  The fried okra was different than what I'm used to.  The hushpuppies are fantastic and I could make a meal of those and the mashed potatoes alone!  They also have slaw, collard greens, backed beans, mac & cheese, etc.  Of course you guessed it they also have banana pudding too!  It is so nice to find an alternative to the usual fast food.  They also have Catering.  ENJOY!!  Dixie Belle's Smokehouse 
"Where the Hog meets the Log!"

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