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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cindy Selects a great way to save $$ on all your GOOD STUFF!

If you are a bargain enthusiast, like myself, you will want to visit this site and bookmark it for future use.  "" sells gift cards for over 1,400 retailers and restaurants at discount rates.  NO CATCH!  It is free and so is the shipping.  Most of the discounts are between 3% and 5%, however some are more.  You can even sign up to be alerted when particular cards become available!  This is a great way to give more as a gift or to use and save money for yourself.  There is also a page where you can sell unwanted and/or unused gift cards for up to 90% of the value for cash.  This is much more practical than forcing yourself to pick out something you don't want or need just to use the card.

I also was happy to find out that "" has a service that allows gift cards to be donated to a non-profit and the ability to set up a non-profit fundraiser for donations of gift cards.  What a great way to put that gift card from Uncle Stanley for the "worm farm" to good use!!  HEE HEE.  Really, check it out.  Anything that keeps more $$$ in your pocket is GOOD STUFF!  And they all said..........AMEN!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not GOOD Stuff! by Cindy Selects

  Are you kidding me???????  Two pieces of KFC FRIED chicken with bacon and cheese in between!!!!  I am guessing the folks at Kentucky Fried Chicken have just tossed in the towel on doing anything healthy and decided to hurry the general population along to a heart attack!!!!!  Really, do we even need to ask how many fat grams are in this?????  If this is what you are choosing off the menu, you have already given up!  BTW-the reported fat grams is 32!  WOW
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cindy Selects a great way to carry all your GOOD STUFF!

Ever wish you had a way to keep all the "little" tools handy while still showing a bit of style?  Yesterday I whipped up this handy little "task apron"  out of coordinating fabric remnants.  It only took about an hour and is perfect with pockets for small tools, scissors, tape measure, etc.  It is made out of a very durable canvas material so that it will hold up, however it is very light weight.  

This stylish "task apron" is perfect for doing crafts, sewing, working on small home projects, or a day out in the garden.  That's why Cindy Selects this as todays "Good Stuff!"  

Hope you will make one of these for yourself.  Please send pictures if you do.  Also, would love to hear your ideas and comments.

aaaaaaaAAAACHHHOooooooo.... I mean have a super day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pennies are GOOD STUFF

A couple of weeks ago I was given a great tip by a florist.  When putting tulips or gerber daisies in a vase, put a penny in the bottom instead of the packet of plant food they give you!  Works very well!  This tip is really GOOD STUFF!

Happy Spring everyone!