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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Good Stuff is used to make something very BAD ;-(

Well I grew up loving Cheerwine.  It was a special treat available only in western areas of NC and therefore we only got to have it when we went home to the mountains.  I have very fond memories of those days and was excited when it became more readily available in our area.  Just as did many of you, I also grew up going to Krispy Kreme for "hot donuts."  In fact, the best school field trip ever was our visit to the downtown Raleigh Krispy Kreme in the 3rd grade.  At the end of the tour we each got two hot donuts and milk.  How wonderful!  Try getting that past the school board these days.  Anyway, I tell you this so that you may understand I am a fan of both products mentioned.

Thus you might think that Krispy Kreme "cheerwine" donuts would be the best of both worlds.   Unfortunately, it is not.  This is a prime example of when two wonderfully good things are combined to make something awful.

I can only compare the filling flavor to the juice of jarred cherries being mixed with Krispy Kreme's regular iced filling.  Then the donut is glazed with chocolate and sprinkles are added on top.  The flavor of the filling is just an insult to your taste buds, the chocolate is ok, but then the sprinkles make for a weird texture combination.   I really wanted to love this donut.  I think this one is one for the strike out column.  On a further note, you can not even buy these donuts at the Krispy Kreme locations.  You have to get the from one of the participating grocers.  
Back to the drawing board (or should I say mixing bowl), for Krispy Kreme.  

I still love an original hot donut, best in the world!

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